The Ackermans

The Ackermans

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I feel old today. Tired too!

We just got back yesterday afternoon from Anderson, Indiana where we celebrated the graduation of Jacquie, our first born. It was great, she was great, all was great except that she's just too young to be doing things like graduating from college. She's just 21! Why didn't she work hard and cram four years of college life into five like her old man? And her grades! She was the first in line to graduate with the Bachelor's degree. She was first not due to anything other then her last name starting with 'A'. So you see I did give her something of quality in life, her first place in line. But when the Dean of the School announced "Jacqueline Esther Ling Ackerman, magna cum laud, with honors in Political Science" I figured he was talking about some Nestles ice cream bar. I am proud but I am also smart enough to know that she didn't get her brains from her father.

Now to add to that there was Jessica's birthday that we told you about last week. She was 15 but really should be only 12 or so. Then today I woke up to find myself another year older. It's like they never told you when you were a teenager that tomorrow you would wake up and be 59 years old

Well, I guess it has happened though. Life goes on as it is supposed to do. We'll ignore all this and get back to the clinics tomorrow. I'll ignore it until they wake me up again singing "Happy Birthday to You" next year then I can really get depressed again.

And So It Goes! Life.


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