The Ackermans

The Ackermans

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Another day  off
Well it's back to the old stuff in good ol Port-au-Prince.  The elections took place last week but the results weren't released until last night.  Schools were our all yesterday and today.  Actually yesterday there was no good reason for them to be closed since all was peaceful  at least until the late afternoon.  That's when I was coming home from Heartline where I see the sick babies and mothers on Tuesdays.  Things seemed relatively normal as I was driving home except for the fact that the amount of traffic I found myself in was gradually growing by the minute.  What I had not realized was that "they" whomever they are, had announced that at 6pm there would be an announcement about the results of the election.  So as I drove by the stores that I was supposed to have stopped at to buy the food for our dinner I found them closed or closing as the streets quickly were changing from somewhat full  to full.  

So I gave up the idea of obtaining food but made my goal change to getting home by 6pm so I could get the car in a safe place before the rocks and fire started flying.  

After eating I noticed my neighbor was outside our living room window and calling for me.  We don't see Phillip very often since he's a very famous Haitian Artist and spends much of his time in other countries at shows and sales.  He had just come up the mountain also and said that he had a new phone number and wanted me to have it and wanted me to have his just in case things got dangerous around here.  He had heard rumors that Martali, the famous "Sweet Mickey"Rap star, who was running for president had not placed within the top two vote getters and it was expected that his supporters would try to burn the country down or other idiocy.   

Actually the announcements came much later than what had been expected but was right on with what Phillip had called.  Actually though the only violence happened down town in Port and Petionville.  We did here some of the gunfire that was going on but luckily it never moved up our mountain.  The biggest disturbance of the night was simply a lot of drums from the local voodoo temple that let us know that we were probably not only in a political battle but also a spiritual battle and no! we're not going to debate that one.  

So anyway, it seems that Martali's gangs are still in the streets but to be honest I doubt if this going to go on all that much longer since these guys are going to get tired and they'll simply give it up.  It always happens.  Not that they won't get a new breath of air and start over again sometime when we least expect it but they will take time off to eat.  Another day in the life of a young (200 yo) democracy. 

Now it's time to get back to school and work.

If you're interested in seeing some of the pictures that a friend of ours posted on their website from this morning go to :

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