The Ackermans

The Ackermans

Friday, March 09, 2007

An Update

Remember the man I saw on the road a couple days ago? Well I have more information on that one. Actually the information came to me due to a personal occurrence at our house two nights ago.

It seems that a group of men were trying to climb over the walls that surround our house at about 2am. We have an armed guard at the house already due to the fact that a couple years ago we were getting robbed so often that it was getting hard for us rationalize paying the TV cable bill because our TV was being stolen so frequently. So, our guard heard the men attempting to get inside and simply shot over their heads which instantly turned these future robbers into sprinters. Don’t tell anybody but our guard doesn’t imagine actually shooting a person. He just treats his little pistol as a scare weapon which usually works when the intruders are usually extremely afraid of dying. I have no idea what he would do if anyone would challenge him.

So the next day I come to find out that there was an attempted robbery further down the hill on the same night. Robbers broke in a home and found the owners wielding their machetes which, it seems they really knew how to wield. One of the intruders was killed before the other two escaped without fatal injuries. We believe the dead one was later deposited on the road as a sign that robbery was not the profession to be in.

What bothers me most about this though was that I felt better knowing that the person on the street was one of the “Bad Guys.” I don’t know if Christ would have felt that way. I think he would probably simply have wept for humanity. I am supposed to be one of his disciples. I guess I’m not doing a very good job. Keep me in your prayers.

And So It Goes!