The Ackermans

The Ackermans

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Ain’t it amazing?

My firstborn little girl grew up just like her old man. Well, not exactly but she certainly has a little edge of me. We knew about the plans but she emailed us the official announcement yesterday afternoon. It went somewhat like this, “Well, I'm now married, and like most birthdays, don't feel too much different, although we are wearing rings so that is one practical difference.” Thus, we now have another male in our family. Actually I was never even asked if I even wanted another one in the family. His name’s Kevin, he drives a new Corvette, was driving a new Cadillac two months ago, is a finance counselor at a bank, and Jacquie loves him and plans to spend her life with him. So I would say that was a pretty full Friday.

And so it Goes. At least once in our lifetime.


Jacquie and Kevin

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ackermans!

Congrats to Jacquie! I'm sorry your weren't there to celebrate with her, I'm glad she is happy and now married! I hope you three are doing well... Lots of love and hugs,