The Ackermans

The Ackermans

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

No School

It continues to rain and there’s no school. But we still had to go down the mountain to Quisqueya Christian School (where Jodie teaches and Jessica attends) for a memorial service. On this past Saturday morning a lovely 25 year old teacher and staff member from the school was found dead in her bed. Katie was one of the really loved and appreciated persons on that campus and this has been a real downer for the QCS community. In addition to being the teacher recruiter, basketball and soccer coach, athletic director, and student council director she was an all around loved person who lived out her Christian life in ways that impacted most of the students she came in contact with.

I guess my rag with the whole thing besides the obvious is the fact that we have to have a reason for it all. I heard more than once that “God had taken her home to be with him” or “today she is up in heaven having a better time than she ever did here on earth.” Why can’t we just grieve? This beautiful young lady died far too early in life of probable natural causes and she never had a chance to marry, have kids, grandchildren, nor had she a chance to do lots of other things that many of us think are a desired part of life. I think that really sucks (I didn’t say that!) and I get tired of seeing people avoid that reality when simply stating it would help us to get through the difficult times. Now don’t get me wrong. I have no knowledge about the afterlife. I simply have beliefs just like everybody else. Katie may be having a great sun soaked day in heaven and I personally hope she is. But she isn’t here and she should be. It’s time to grieve. We miss her and want Katie back.

And so it goes!


Katie Broecker

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