The Ackermans

The Ackermans

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Instead of Bringing Down the Prices
They Brought Down the Prime Minister

Well, it has been a fun week! We spent most of it inside our house since it was too dangerous to get out and run around. School was canceled for the week and I went ahead and gave into the obvious and canceled the Thursday clinic.

One thing that made it particularly difficult for us was that we had visitors. Jessica's friend from South Carolina was here. They spent most of their week watching DVDs of Gilmore Girls. Now wouldn't you like to take your spring break and fly to the Caribbean and watch old videos? Also Jess, a young teacher from Michigan who used to teach at Quisqueya was in town and was stuck in another home where we couldn't get to visit with her. Anyway, on Friday we did get out and went to see Jess,who had been sick all week. I guess if you're going to be closed up in a home for a week you may as well be sick.

So both the visitors are now gone. The looting, rock throwing, tire burning, and demonstrations are now history. Of course the prices are still going to be too high for most Haitians to purchase food for their family but they have the satisfaction of knowing that their mass destruction has led to a change in the government. It seems that those who were protesting agreed to stop if the Prime Minister was fired. So it happened. One more out of a job and a population who still can't eat. Sounds normal to me!

And so it goes!



Cheryl said...

Was that Jess M? She now teaches at our kids' school here in Michigan. Actually we don't have anyone in middle school right now (grade school and high school currently) but we got to know Jess quite well when we did. Everytime she saw our kids we adopted from Haiti it warmed her heart.

Team Heartline said...

Let's go here. Get back to blogging. The sarcastic must stick together and share our knowledge! I hope you're having a great summer.
-Troy...for all of the Tribe.

T and T Livesay said...

When are you coming back????? Hope is going to be in Jodie's class!!!

We found a house (we think).