The Ackermans

The Ackermans

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

want to keep this update short and at the same time really give you guys a good feel of things in Haiti now.
I still really appreciate the emails and updates I get from each of you. I might not be able to write much but please know you are very appreciated.
Last time I wrote to you I asked you to pray about an orphan situation....I literally stopped writing an update to check out what was going on. I do not want to kick anyone when they are down but it involved the lady who has been on the news for child trafficking. Long story short we gave her some advice for about 3 days. I want the people (children) who need help to get it but there are correct paths that people must follow. I am glad for the wisdom God gave me and some others here at the school. I am saddened because the parents and workers who have followed the correct procedures now have a tougher road. I still know that God loves each orphan and cares for each one personally. I would ask you to continue to pray that each child gets the love and care (while still following the appropriate steps) they deserve.
I just returned from a 4 day medical trip to Jeremie Haiti. Jeremie is a remote town on the far west of the southern peninsula. It is a city of about 80,000 and has had 20,000 more people move there since the quake. Many are taking a tough 12 hour truck ride and others are going by overcrowded boats. The team of doctors were able to see many cases that would not have gotten care. There were a few "life-saving" operations as well. One lady had a compound femur fracture in her right leg and fractures in her left tibia and fibula. She had gotten to Jeremie on a board in the back of a truck. The doctors were able to set her bones correctly and give her the hope of walking correctly again.
One of the growing needs in Haiti is going to be getting needed medical attention where the people are. While there I was able to visit 4 other small hospitals with Miquette. There are many people in those regions that need care as well but are staying at home. The hospitals are just not able to give much care. We are working now to figure out ways to get aid and supplies to the necessary locations.
The trip was productive in meeting doctors and the main hospital in Jeremie for future trips.
God continues to be at work here. There are so many questions that have no answers but I know He is here. I can see Him at work in so many ways each day. One of the most humbling things has been the Haitian people continuing to praise God each night. I am not a singer. Each night in both Port-au-Prince and Jeremie people join together to sing and praise God...people who lost their homes, their jobs and possibly loved ones. It is such a lesson to me that these people have not allowed their current surroundings to change their passion and love for God.
Here are a few prayer requests/concerns I want to share:
1) Nurses are needed. If you know of nurse teams or individuals interested in coming please let me know. Most operations, etc have been done....good follow up care is needed to help the people heal.
2) Please pray for the many people without homes. Tent cities have been set up. The rainy season is coming and there will be other health concerns as the rain comes.
3) Good organization of the aid and supplies coming. I know so many people in the States want to help in many ways and all want that help to get where it needs to go.
Thanks again for your prayers, support and all sorts of emails that make me smile.


Caroline Ackerman said...

Thanks for starting this blog. It will not only help us know how to pray it will help you sort out you story. Love you, Caroline

Debbie said...

Thank you so much for your heartfelt thoughts and update on the situation in Haiti. It is so hard to be on the outside looking in, but you have given us a wonderful picture of a big God at work in the midst of the storm. I'm so incredibly grateful for your love and dedication to the Haitian people. May you be blessed and protected in the days to come. With much love & continued prayers ~ Debbie

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog John. It will help sort your thoughts.

Love you,