The Ackermans

The Ackermans

Friday, October 22, 2010


Many of you have probably heard about the recent outbreaks of Cholera in Haiti.  I have a special friend who is so very knowledgeable and has all the inside news on these kinds of things.  The following is an email that I received from her this morning.

"Some of you have seen the news about an outbreak in the Artibonite Valley.  It looks like a microbial infection, and so far there have been reported about 150 deaths.  But the good news is that there seems to be some waning in the attack.  For instance, Hôpital Albert Schweitzer, not far from the epicenter of the outbreak, has only 45 hospitalized and they are all stable.  The program I work for, Supply Chain Management System, has been put on alert by USAID, and we have mobilized our hospital-based products and staff to help as needed.  No, so far no real problems in Port-au-Prince, but everyone is keeping an active eye out, especially for the camps.  Please continue to remember us in your prayers, this has been some year!"

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