The Ackermans

The Ackermans

Monday, August 27, 2007


It’s that day again. For about 19 years now we have taken a ‘first day of school’ picture. Before Jacquie and Jessica came along we never really got into the habit with only Jodie starting her first days of teaching.

I never really remember having my picture taken on a first day of school. In fact I don’t even remember a lot of years when my parents ever brought up the subject of a new school year beginning. I guess it’s a family tradition that my family never got into. But this leaves only two more years of pictures to come for us. After then is when I’ll really miss taking the ‘first day of school’ picture. Isn’t it strange how the time flies? Isn’t it strange how old I am sounding at such a young age.

And So It Goes!


First day of School 07

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